SWOTVAC 12-1PM 04/06/19

In the week leading up to those dreaded exams and assignments, what should we do?! If you’re studying Italian then have no fear, Study Club is here! This week is “RIPASSO” week, so bring along your questions and queries for some last minute advice on getting those H1s in Italian!

Study Club is open to all levels of Italian, even if you’re no longer studying it or never have! And what better time to improve your Italian skills than during SWOTVAC?

So, come along to Old Quad-G17 (Cussonia Court Room 1) to have fun, meet our committee and make some new friends, as well as learn some new Italian words and phrases along the way.

Remember to add MelbUni Ragazzi on Facebook and join our study group via this link:

Study Club Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/654765458029490/

MelbUni Ragazzi on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/melbuniragazzi

This will keep you up to date with study club locations and times, as well as MUISC’s fortnightly events and ball!

Ci vediamo là!!!