The Language Exchange Club (LEC) is holding a pizza party 🍕🍕🍕 for all members who might be wandering through Campus! We’ll be serving up pizza and drinks to hopefully cure your hunger, and some chill conversation to cure your literal hunger for social interaction after the year we’ve all had. It’ll be a great opportunity to meet fellow keen language learners 🌎🌎, so why not come down if you have a chance?

WHERE: University Square
WHEN: Thursday 1st April (Week 5, subject to weather conditions, just before midsem break!)
TIME: 1pm-3pm

Please fill in this form so that we know how many people to cater for!

1. PLEASE wear a face mask and maintain distance of 1.5m at this event.
2. PLEASE download the COVID Safe Tracker App before attending.
3. DO NOT ATTEND if you feel unwell!
4. Details, including mobile phone number, will be collected at the event. Attendees acknowledge that details will be kept for 28 days and may be submitted to the relevant health authorities upon request.
5. The event will be closed if capacity of 100 is reached.