Congratulations on being accepted into the Bachelor of Arts! By now you’ve screenshotted your offer and posted it to your Instagram story, you’ve changed your Facebook profile to read ‘Studies at the University of Melbourne’ and you’ve spent hours on the phone explaining to your relatives that doing an Arts degree does not mean you’ll be painting and sculpting.

Now you’re expected to pick your subjects. After browsing the handbook, many questions about your course are left unanswered. Will studying politics put you on the path to actually providing a stable Australian government? Will studying Psychology teach you how to read minds? Will criminology allow you to finally get the salary of a commerce student by learning to rob a bank without getting caught? The handbook may not be able to answer these questions, but current students at the M-ASS BA Expo can help.

The BA Expo gives you the opportunity to hear from current students from a variety of backgrounds about how you can make the most of your degree. They’ll be able to answer questions about majors, minors, graduate degrees, exchange, extra-curricular opportunities and everything in between!

Between 10am-2pm students from M-ASS will be in the Arts West atrium to hang out with you and answer your questions.
At 11am we will be holding a Q&A panel with current students where they will talk about their experience in the BA.