The end is nigh,
it’s time for us to bid goodbye.

12 weeks and all,
Feels like 12 months and more. 📆

It’s not just food and bubble tea,
But the memories we made in every activities.

Gather around as we say,
Welcome to MoMU day! 🎊🎉

Its been a whale of a time with all you MoMU-ians and we hope you’re somewhat still surviving through the last week of uni. We’re back at it again for a final #discounthunting goodie galore! Check it out and stay tuned for our events next semester!!

MoMU Day perks include homemade ice lemon tea courtesy of Killiney Kopitiam, nasi goreng from Pondok Rempah, awesome exam pack from AUG, stationery, Indomie cup noodles from HWKR Warung Indomie and vouchers from some of our sponsors (David’s hotpot & Hakata Gensuke) 🙊🙈🙉

Bonus!! The first 40 bags are gonna have surprises that will leave you open-mouthed 🤑
Disclaimer: This is a first come first serve basis so be sure to be there early!

And finally,
Good luck and remember this is not the end,
a happy farewell, till we meet again! 🌻

Date: 27 May (Monday)
Location: South Lawn
Time: 12:30 p.m – 2:00pm