Feeling a little lost in the concrete jungle? Well, have no fear for the fresher’s trip is here! Besides enjoying a jam-packed afternoon filled with ice-breaking activities, we will have a different approach of roaming around the beautiful Melbourne compared to the usual group tour agenda!🌞 Curious on what’s about? Come tag along in this tour of the city for special spots and nifty tips for getting around and for simply living here! Grab a chance to make new friends as you embark on a trip around this new city!

Only pay a deposit of 5AUD, which WILL BE REFUNDED to you in the end! So essentially, THIS TRIP IS FREE! So hop on and let your uni life kick off on a good start!

Lunch is provided!

Date : 28/7/18
Time : 10:30am – 4pm
Location : South Lawn
Price : Free
Deposit : 5 AUD$ (Refundable)

See you guys 🙂