On August 9th, students all around Australia will be taking to the streets to demand climate action.

The oceans are rising, no more compromising!

The climate crisis is the defining political issue of our generation and an existential threat to humanity. Despite the overwhelming consensus in Australia that urgent action is needed, both major political parties are dragging their feet. The clearest example of this deadly status quo is the Adani coal mine, a bipartisan act of environmental vandalism that would benefit a handful of billionaires at the expense of ordinary people.

Students have been fighting back with strikes, protests, and occupations spreading across the world. But if we’re going to beat these fossil fuel companies and their mates in parliament, we’ll need to keep building this resistance. So join students across the country on August 9, and hit the streets to demand real action on the climate emergency.

We demand:
– Stop Adani
– No new coal or gas
– Sustainable jobs for a green economy
– 100% renewable energy


If you’re an environmentalist on campus, press going and invite your friends to this facebook event!