University social activities aren’t always accessible to neurodivergent students, and sometimes you just want to hang out with other people who have similar/the same experiences. We have your back! From mental illness to ADHD to ASD and more, we welcome you a social space where you can eat food, hang out and discuss student life. Neurotypical friends are welcome!

As a department, we practice the social model of disability as a form of social exclusion, not a physical or mental deficiency. To be a disabled person means having your experiences limited by abelism. To be disabled in the social model context meant to be socially disadvantaged as opposed to physically disadvantaged; and excluded, not because of the individual’s inability to fit in with their surrounding environment, but because of society’s inability to include them. We celebrate our difference and fight for support and accessibility from the broader community.

Union House, Tin Alley, University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC 3010