Our fifth workshop this Tuesday will explore the topic of “Connecting with the Customers”, hosted by Jenny Luong & Zhi Peng Cai from Stylebest. This is the last consulting workshop before candidates are to present their campaigns in the final round of the consulting competition.

In 2011, Zhi & Jen decided to follow their dream and build their own business, first known as Shadow Bargains. After working with a dedicated team around the clock and experimenting, a loyal following of customers began to form. Eventually, they expanded into sourcing innovative lifestyle products, and Shadow Bargains rebranded into StyleBest (SB).

Zhi & Jen’s mission continues as they commit to delivering happiness in the form of trendy products which improves on the lives of others. Come learn about their story and their journey that has led them to their success.

It will be held at Theatre 3, 1st Floor, Alan Gilbert Building. See you there!