MoMU Trivia Night: FAMILY FEUD STYLE 👥🗣‼️‼️

That’s right Momuians, we’re bringing in one of the most popular game shows right to you! If you’ve always wondered what it’ll be like to be a part of FAMILY FEUD, then wonder no more because you can SIGN UP right NOW to have the time of your life during quarantine 🤩🤩

We’ll be hosting this event on this Friday, 15th May, 8:00pm on Discord which will be sent over to your email once you’ve signed up through our Google Form!


WE ONLY ACCEPT THE FIRST 20 MEMBERS WHO’VE SIGNED UP ‼️So be quick to stand a chance to win some some sweet 🤑🤑 UBER EATS VOUCHERS!! 🤑🤑($25 for each winning contestant)

(Gotta get that late night UberEats 🤤🤤)

How to Play:
• The first 20 sign ups will be assigned into 4 teams (5 per team). 2 teams will go for a 1v1 game, and the other 2 teams will also have a separate 1v1 game.
• In the semifinals, a total of 10 rounds of questions will be asked. The first round starts off with 1 person from each team being chosen to answer the first question.
• Whoever is the QUICKEST and gives the CORRECT answer will let their team members take turns in answering the question.
• Your team gets a STRIKE for when you give the wrong answer. If your team manages to get all the answers on the board, then your team WINS the first round!
IF YOU GET 3 STRIKES before getting all the answers on the board, then the opposing team gets 1 chance to answer the same question. If they correctly answered it, then they get half the total points, and you get none. If they got it wrong, then you get half the points, and they get none.
• The next round starts and the process repeats.
• After 10 rounds, the team with the most points wins that game and move on to the finals to verse another team who won their game.
• In the finals, the same steps apply, but there will only be 3 rounds, instead of 10 rounds.
• The team with the most points win a total of $125 ‼️

If you’re still unsure about how to play, don’t be afraid to shoot us a message and we’ll answer any of your questions 😊🤗

In the meantime, you can even start watching some Family Feud videos on YouTube to test yourself or to see how the game works! But most importantly, it’s all fun and games! So no matter what, just let loose and go wild! 🤪🤪🤪

– See you on the battlefield 😉 xo