“Ahh time for a simple 4 player game.. wait I died? huh again? ALL I DID WAS NOTHING!” ~ said the average player of this game.

Welcome to Move or Die, where if you keep your feet stationary you lose. Pfft thats easy right? Well this fastpaced game pits you against your foes in a task to the death! There are many gamemodes to play each with their own spin.

Side note: After this SEE session we’re going to That VR Joint, a virtual reality arcade. SEE members get 33% off HTC Vive usage, so feel free to come along!

As usual, we’ve got all our other consoles available, with a multitude of other games! Can’t find something you want to play? Bring it up with the committee, and we’ll see what we can do. Feel free to bring your own laptops and handheld consoles, too.

~ Your SEE Committee