We have are running a Septathlon, which we’ll be kicking off Friday September 3rd with an online Symposium! Debating and drinking – what more could you want from an ancient themed event? The winning team will be sent celebratory wine (or a non-alcholic beverage of choice)!

How does the Septathlon work?

At the Symposium you’ll be assigned a team that you will work with in the rest of the events throughout the semester. With new events every week this will be a fantastic way to get involved with MUCLASS and make some new friends! If you can’t commit to every week – no worries! Just show up for the weeks you can – each week a winning team will be awarded prizes! As well, bonus points will be awarded to teams each week for humour, costumes, consumption of wine (or other fun, non-alcoholic drinks) and more! These, and points for winning the weekly events, will culminate with the winning team of the Septathlon being awarded the Ultimate Team Superstar Prize – hopefully at an in person party if we’re allowed!

Other events in weeks 7 – 11 (all to be held over zoom until restrictions ease; exact dates yet to be determined by the Fates) include:

  • Greek and Roman play readings and poetry recitations

  • Delphic oracle riddles

  • Costume and poetry composition competitions

  • Ancient themed pictionary and charades

  • Ancient themed trivia

Prizes (posted to the winning teams) will include:

  • Wine

  • Book vouchers

  • Classics Art Prints

  • Pretty copies of Ancient Greek and Roman plays and poems

  • Personalized victory odes in Greek, Latin, and Egyptian hieroglyphs

If you’re interested (and how could you not be with so many awesome prizes up for grabs?) please sign up at this link: https://forms.gle/uVmE9CsDBkuQN9tL8

Zoom link for the Symposium:

Topic: MUCLASS Septathlon Symposium
Time: Sep 3, 2021 07:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: https://unimelb.zoom.us/j/82143104052?pwd=S2FkcjUwSGlxakIxWERSc2xkeW13dz09
Password: 185764

Or join by phone:
Dial (Australia): +61 3 7018 2005 or +61 2 8015 6011
Dial (US): +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 876 9923
Dial (Hong Kong, China): +852 5808 6088 or +852 5803 3730
Dial (UK): +44 203 481 5240 or +44 131 460 1196
Meeting ID: 821 4310 4052
International numbers available: https://unimelb.zoom.us/u/kb0EPoBEQa

Or join from a H.323/SIP room system:

or SIP:82143104052@zmau.us
Meeting ID: 82143104052
Password: 185764