MUFFest is pleased to present, in conjunction with UMSU Arts & Entertainment, a free screening of I AM ELEVEN + post-show Q&A with director Genevieve Bailey.

Genevieve Bailey is the director, producer, cinematographer, and editor of I AM ELEVEN. The Encore and Mumbrella Annual named her one of Australia’s‘ Top Film and TV of directors of 2012′ in, and Melbourne Magazine also named her one of “Melbourne’s most influential, inspirational, provocative and creative people for 2011.

I AM ELEVEN (2014)
Do you remember when you were 11?

Australian filmmaker Genevieve Bailey travelled the world for six years talking with 11-year-olds to compose this insightful, funny and moving documentary portrait of childhood. From an orphanage in India, to a single-parent household in inner-city Melbourne, to bathing with elephants in Thailand, I AM ELEVEN explores the lives and thoughts of children from 15 countries. I AM ELEVEN weaves together deeply personal and at times hilarious portraits of what it means to sit at this transitional age. These young minds provide us with a powerful insight into the future of our world.

These children share their thoughts on a range of subjects such as love, war, global warming, music, terrorism, culture, family, happiness, religion and the future. As straight up and personal as the ’7 Up’ series, and with the comedy and honesty of ‘Spellbound’, this documentary enables us to explore an age where these ‘not quite kids, not quite teenagers’ briefly linger, between the frank openness and sometimes naivety of childhood, and the sharp and surprisingly brave wisdom and knowing of adulthood. As much as it is a story about them, it is a story with them, of what it is like to be eleven today.

“… Australian filmmaker Genevieve Bailey gives a rare insight into a unique stage of humanity as she travels the world documenting the lives of a collection of eleven year olds.”
“For such a young age their knowledge and wisdom combined with their mature ability to convey thoughts and feelings is utterly astounding.” – ALTERNATIVE MEDIA GROUP OF AUSTRALIA

★★★★ “Entrancing documentary. Stunning.” – NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

“…there’s something exhilarating about the movie’s reach and quiet ambition, and the thoughtful, bold, confident, wide-eyed and expressive 11-year-olds at its centre.” – THE AGE

Film will be open captioned