The Melbourne University Pakistani Society (MUPS) are starting off the Semester with a Bang and by Bang we mean Paintball. Yes, we are taking a large group of 30-40 people to the indoor paintball facility at Port Melbourne so its super easy to access and the larger the group, more fun it is to shoot everyone down :p The tickets are super cheap at only $10 per person for all the gear and the game while only the paintballs are separate and because its Port Melbourne, the paintballs themselves are 200 balls for $50 initially. The tickets can be bought from our admin members from or facebook page We need to confirm numbers so as to let the facility admin know so get ur spot as soon as possible. Our members have been to both indoor and outdoor facilites and say that indoor ones are definitely more worth it SO JOIN US on the 1st of August at the International Paintball Group Port Melbourne Facility and get ready for the super start to the second semester!!! 😀 For more info join our facebook page and the event page as well.