Come one, come all!

It’s finally here, what we’ve all been waiting for, one of the most anticipated events…’s MED vs. PHYSIO!

This event has been inspired by the great rivalries of our past:
– Taylor Swift and Katy Perry
– Taylor Swift and Kanye West
– Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian (Jesus Taylor, get your shit together)
– Derek Zoolander and Mugatu
– Hilary vs. Donald
– Ron Burgundy and Veronica Cornerstone
– Autobots vs. decepticons

So, put down those stethoscopes, get those competitive juices flowing and get involved in the making of history!

There will be plenty of chances to show some disciplinary pride during games through ‘friendly’ competitions. There will be rap battles, dance battles, ping pong battles, pool battles… you name it!! There will also be plenty of drinks to make you better in these events (because we all know you can’t play pool sober).

Winners get major bragging rights and the opportunity to be King of the MDHS, where your castle will be the decadent, weirdly designed nightclub that is the Biomedical Library.

Ticket prices are $22 which includes 2 free drinks, or $17 for those of you who are designated drivers.

The theme is Nerds vs. Jocks. To ignite some rivalry, we have divided the two cohorts. MED you will go as NERDS, and PHYSIOS you will go as JOCKS. Try to be a little more creative, as there will be points for the best dressed!

Get your tickets here:
There are a limited number of tickets (only 100 for each cohort!) so make sure you get in quick! Tickets will also only be open for a week!

Bring your A-game and let the battle begin!