Join us for another round of MUSEX Monthly Drinks!

When: Thursday 5th of August, 7:30pm

Where: Perseverance, Fitzroy

What: A Good Time. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new and like-minded people in a chill and casual setting.

Price: Free (the friendships you’ll make are priceless) but please register with a free ticket here:

Details: On our Facebook event page:


What is MUSEX? We’re the Melbourne University Student Exchange Society!! Normally we host all the parties for incoming exchange students, but this year we are throwing our events for literally anyone and everyone to join. Come join us if you’re interested in meeting people from all over the world or are new to Melbourne!! Like our facebook to get updated with our events:
Free membership sign up here:
This is a COVID safe event
Attendees are required to carry face masks & maintain a physical distance of 1.5m between themselves and other attendees where possible.
Attendees should download the COVID Safe Tracker App and keep it on for the duration of the event.
Do NOT attend this event if you are feeling unwell or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19; please let us know if this is happening and we will reimburse your ticket.