National Day of Action (NDA) against fee deregulation and funding cuts

This is the Melbourne Uni event for the National Day of Action against fee deregulation. We’ll be having a FREE BBQ on South Lawn  from 12pm with sausages and veggie burgers before heading down to the State Library where we will meet students from other campuses at 2pm to join them in protest.

Fee deregulation might have failed in the Senate for now, but Christopher Pyne and other Government MPs have vowed that it will return. Deregulation will see university fees skyrocket as high as $100,000, saddling students with outrageous levels of debt. On top of this, the Government is determined to cut funding to research and university courses.

Deregulation is unfair, and UMSU believes in free education for all. Education is a right, not a privilege. Join us in protest.


The Facebook event for this can be found at: