Hey all! It’s time for another Semester of SEE goodness – and this semester, we’re starting off with a doozy.
Not only is March 3rd the very first SEE meeting of the year, it also happens to be the release of a console (and associated game) that people have been waiting for a very, very long time. That’s right, it’s time to show off the Switch! For ONE DAY ONLY, we’re bringing in the finest of switch launch titles direct to you for your gaming pleasure! So join us, and say hello to the birth of a new console generation!

(Also, for those interested, we’re looking to showcase the finals of our summer Pokemon Showdown tournament! So also look forward to watching some Pokemon action on the side)

Additionally, we have all of SEE’s assortments of consoles (Wii U/Xbox One/our brand-new PS4/Wii/360/PS3/), and feel free to bring in your own handhelds/laptops/switches/other and grab some food/drink as we play the Friday afternoon away!

~Your SEE Committee