11AM-3PM, South Lawn

Tuesday kicks off O Week by dumping you into the deep end of fun! Come along and enjoy a lineup of bands, score some free stuff and witness the vibrant extravaganza as it unfolds on your campus. Carnival Day is the biggest day of Orientation so don’t miss it.

To get the most out of your day, jump into the Host Program so you can enjoy the day with a bunch of new friends! Most importantly, get a tour of the University from the people who know it best – the students. More information on the Host Program can be found below.


  • 11am: Davy Simony
  • 12pmMorbidly O’Beat
  • 1pmFierce Mild
  • 2pm: Barefoot Spacemen

Follow us on Spotify for this and more music through out semester: http://bit.ly/UMSUspotify

5PM, Grand Buffet Hall, Mezzanine Level, Union House

Put your heads together with a team of new friends for a battle of the wits! Impress them with some useless knowledge, or wow them with your creative answers. Prizes are up for grabs for the top three teams! Simply come on the day and we’ll help you join a team.


If you’re looking for a specific host on the day, they will be wearing the following coloured lanyards:

  • Arts – Royal Blue
  • Biomedicine – Red
  • Commerce – Pale Blue
  • Environments & Agriculture – Yellow
  • Music – Purple
  • Science & Oral Health – Green


  • Check your emails, text messages and even your Facebook messages:
    Hosts will be attempting to contact their student groups in a variety of ways, so please be on the lookout for messages from them. When you DO hear from your Host, we ask that you please message them back to confirm you have received their invitation.
  • Go with friends:
    If you receive a direct invitation from your Host, you must attend the tour with them. However, if you fail to hear from a Host assigned to you but you have friends who are attending a tour with a different Host, feel free to tag along with them! Simply make sure it’s okay with your friend’s Host before you join their tour, though.
  • Didn’t get a host? 
    If you weren’t allocated a host, if you get lost or don’t know who your Host is, please feel free to approach one of the friendly people in purple shirts and ask to be included. They’ll also wearing balloons so you can’t miss them!  There will also be additional Host groups leaving from the UMSU marquee on South Lawn from 12-3pm.

This event is going to be filmed. Please alert the photographer if you do not wish to be filmed.

Accessibility information:

Wheelchair access

Union House and South Lawn are accessible for people with mobility needs. Please contact us if you have any concerns and we’ll be happy to assist.


Union House, Tin Alley, University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC 3010