Join Carnival Day, the biggest day of orientation!

Entertainment, food, freebies, prizes and giveaways.

  • From 11am – all day! TripleR Broadcast on stage with Breaking and Entering hosts:
    Lauren Taylor and Simon Winkler present, review and preview a broad range of current and upcoming music releases every Thursday afternoon Australia’s largest community radio station 3RRR. Lauren and Simon regularly DJ at premier music festivals around Australia, including Golden Plains, Meredith and Falls Festival, and have facilitated public Q&A’s at the Melbourne Writers Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival and Sugar Mountain Festival. Breaking and Entering airs Thursdays from 4-7pm on 3RRR 102.7FM, 3RRR Digital or steam via www.rrr.org.au
  • 11.45am – 12.45pm: Jane Fondle hula hoop workshop
  • 1pm: SURPRISE! Be sure to be in front of the stage… 
  • 1.15pm: More TripleR music!
  • 2pm: Interview to Total Giovanni
  • 2.20pm: Total Giovanni live band

+ Union House Theatre & DIG collective, roving entertaining on South Lawn (the pilots, the suits and the musos)

Meet your Host

  • Check your emails, text messages and even your Facebook messages!
    Hosts will be attempting to contact their student groups in a variety of ways, so please be on the lookout for messages from them. When you DO hear from your Host, we ask that you please message them back to confirm you have received their invitation.
  •  Go with friends.
    If you receive a direct invitation from your Host, you must attend the tour with them. However, if you fail to hear from a Host assigned to you but you have friends who are attending a tour with a different Host, feel free to tag along with them! Simply make sure it’s okay with your friend’s Host before you join their tour, though.
  • Lost your Host? Come to Union House.
    If you’re not sure who your Host is, please come to Union House at about 9am on Tuesday. We will have a Support Team who will be able to help you out with finding groups to join. They will be in high-visibility vests and wearing Host Program lanyards, to make them easy to find!

> Biomed and Commerce: 9.30am
> Science, Environments and Agriculture: 9.45am
> Arts and Music: 10.15am

Union House, Tin Alley, University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC 3010