Ahoy mateys,

The semester be well and truly underway and we be under the stresses of the assessment storm! But, it be nothing a seasoned seaman cannot handle! Ye crew be here to help ye through the rocky voyage with a much needed study break!

We be back again with another mighty feast so rum on down – and bring ye mateys – to South Lawn on Friday at 1200 hours to fill ye bellies and refresh ye brains!

As always, there be:
– rum (and non-alcoholic options)
– snags (and vegetarian/vegan options)
– ‘He’s a Pirate’ played obnoxiously loud and on repeat
– pillaging, plundering and fun for all!

If ye have nay bought yar ticket for cruise, THIS BE THE LAST OPPORTUNITY for crew members to get $10 off! We only have 40 spaces left aboard and these be running out quick!

Bring ye cash as we do not have EFTPOS:
Members Ticket $50
Non-Members Ticket $60
Memberships $5
(Or hop on qpay: https://piratescruise-event.getqpay.com)
Get in quick before the ship sails off and leaves ye ashore!