As our discussion meetings will remain online for the time being, we’ll be hanging out at The Clyde on Friday to provide free food and drink to our members while having a more informal chat about everything that’s happened in the world over the summer break.

BUT there are certain health and safety requirements that PIS needs to meet due to the ongoing pandemic. Anyone planning to attend the in-person event on Friday must provide their details at least a day in advance here for contact tracing purposes.

We’re also using this form to monitor numbers and make sure they are within acceptable bounds. Hence, please be aware that not everyone may be able to attend depending on interest. In such a circumstance, we’ll be prioritising those who fill the form first. That being said, please only complete the form if you are absolutely sure that you can and will attend, this is not just for ‘expressions of interest’.

Attendees are also reminded of the following:

  • You must wear face masks when not eating/drinking and maintain distance at the event, especially when indoors.
  • You must have the COVIDSafe Tracker App downloaded and running on your phone.
  • You absolutely must not attend the event if you are feeling unwell.