Who is Refugee Legal?

They are Australia’s largest provider of free specialist legal assistance to people seeking asylum, refugees, and migrants who are disadvantaged. Last year alone they over 14,000 clients.

We will be hearing from two people who work at Refugee Legal: Yoko Kamada and Sonia Soosaithasan.

Sonia is part of the fast-track team at Refugee Legal, primarily assisting refugees and asylum seekers with their visa matters. She started as a paralegal volunteer and completed her law degree overseas in France, allowing her to bring unique experiences and insight into legal matters at Refugee Legal.

Yoko works in and coordinates the fast-track team as a solicitor at Refugee Legal. She studied law at the University of Melbourne and has dedicated the majority of her career to working in the important field of refugee law.

Join us to hear and learn about the inner workings of the industry and how things have been going during the Covid19 Pandemic. Please bring any burning questions for what’s shaping up to be an incredible evening!

The Details

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