Russian cinema here we come! Join us for what will be a great night and great opportunity to meet new people who appreciate Slavic films like we do 😉
Here’s a brief synopsis of the film:
When the mild-mannered, clumsy, perfectly ordinary Soviet citizen Semyon Gorbunkov gets the chance to go on a holiday cruise, the last thing he expects is being embroiled in the scheming of a dangerous smuggling ring! By sheer chance, he becomes the carrier of a fortune’s worth of contraband jewels. What follows is a raucously funny series of shenanigans full of slapstick humour, narrow escapes, car chases, and director Leonid Gaidai’s trademark tongue-in-cheek political satire and wit.
The Diamond Arm is without a doubt one of the most iconic Russian comedies of all time, and is still as hilarious to today’s viewers as it was on its release in 1969. Whether you’re a Russian film connoisseur or this is your first foray into the world of Soviet film, this is a crowd-pleasing adventure that you won’t forget!