Science Ball Ticket SalesScience Ball Ticket Sales

So after hearing about Science Ball, we know that all of you thought, “hot damn, I gotta get me a ticket to what sounds like* the best event of the year.”
“But wait.” Your excitement turns to confusion. “How do we even start to go about that?”
Well here at the SSS, we can respond with “Very easily.”
Step 1: Gather a group of m8s (tables can seat a maximum of 10 people; if you don’t have that many people, don’t fear, you’ll just have a couple of extras)
Step 2: Fill out our ball table form** (link here:
Step 3: come to our sales events (first one is 12pm, Tuesday the 2nd of August in North Court), and pay for your tickets***
Step 4: Get a costume
Step 5: ????
Step 6: Profit

**Not necessarily needed before the day, but makes everything much quicker. For those who haven’t filled it out before they purchase a ticket, you can do it at the sales event
***$92 for members, $97 for non-members. All memberships must be presented on purchase

Main Event:
SSS Presents: Science Ball – Through the Ages