Random Pop Up VR Session!
We here at SEE currently have access to an HTC Vive and a decent PC, so we figured, why not let our members have a shot at some sweet sweet VR.

The following games are abled to be played:
-> Superhot VR (Recommended)
-> Job Simulator (Messing around in VR)
-> Tilt Brush (3D Painting)
-> Space Pirate Trainer (Fun Arcade game)

We can also take requests, have something in mind? Send a post on our event page!

There will be one HTC Vive for use, since demand is high for these events each member will get around 10-15 minutes. Additionally we require all participants to be a member of SEE. Not a member? That’s fine! Membership is $5 and we’ll be accepting new members at the event and also at our table on the Ground Floor of Union House at the same time.

~ Your SEE Committee


Union House, Tin Alley, University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC 3010