Join the Melbourne University Debating Society (MUDS) again in semester two, where we begin the second debating format of the year, British Parliamentary (BP). It’s a fun format that lets you interject with questions, it has four teams on two sides and fancy position names like Prime Minister and Opposition Whip! If this all sounds confusing or overwhelming don’t worry. We’ll explain this all in our training seminar and you’ll get to see eight of MUDS top debaters in action.

This is an all levels event so you can come along even if you’ve never debated with MUDS before! If you’d want to get involved we’ll be taking member signups too.

Most importantly, we will also have FREE PIZZA (probably the good stuff from Prontos and not Dominos!). If any of this sounds exciting come on down to the Level 1 Theater of the Spot at 5PM on the 24th of July (will likely go until ~6:30 but you can leave at any time).