Solidarity Club Meeting
Why is Capitalism Addicted to Fossil Fuels?

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Directions: David Caro 209, just head up the big ramp

Join Solidarity Club for our Week 1 talk and discussion! Come hear about our work in the climate movement, see our politics in action, and learn how you can get involved!

The climate fires this summer burned through vast areas of Australia, costing thousands of homes and over 30 lives. We are already in a climate emergency with 1 degree of warming so far. The UN Climate Summit in December failed to commit to action that would prevent over 3 degrees of warming. And still Scott Morrison and the Liberals continue to pour money into propping up coal, oil and gas.

This meeting will discuss how this is the result of fossil fuels being structured into capitalism. Join us and find out how and why we need to fight the system to win climate action!

All welcome! No experience necessary!