A death star with rubber duckies floating beneath it

Medleys 2020 – Spa Wars: A New Soap

Presented by Medleys – the Med Revue

Hey ho! HERE WE GO!
You didn’t think a global pandemic would stop us, did you?
Ladies and Gentlethems, lads and ladettes, it is with the utmost pleasure that Medleys presents our all original Zoomsical for 2020 – Spa Wars: A New Soap.
Medleys the Med Revue comprises current medical students, and each year we write, direct, and perform a comedy show at the University of Melbourne, with all proceeds going to charity.
However, In light of tHeSe UnCeRtAiN tImEs… we’ve evolved. No longer bound to our fleshy, clammy bodies, this year Medleys is online! And, as is the case for everything else in society, that means Zoom!


What: An all original Zoomsical – that is, a zoom musical comedy – written and performed by Medleys, the Med Revue, and featuring space, spies, intergalactic intrigue and ABBA.
When: Friday October 23rd (Grand Final Day Eve). Time: 7:30.
Where: Zoom!
Please RVSP Going to this facebook event, and look out for further ticketing information coming soon!
How much?: Free! This year we had chosen Black Rainbow as our nominated charity, so donations to Black Rainbow are strongly encouraged.

Medleys thanks the following groups for their support: the University of Melbourne Medical Students’ Society, the Graduate Student Association, the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, and Union House Theatre.