SYNDICATE is a new collective being launched by UMSU Education and Welfare for students who are passionate about making sure that they and their colleagues are being treated fairly in the workplace.

Students today are subjected to a whole range of obstacles in their journey to get through university that people just a couple of generations ago never had to worry about. Aside from the issue of rising course costs, finding work to support yourself through your studies that is stable and pays well has never been more difficult than it is today.

Young people are at a far greater risk of being bullied and harrassed in the workplace, and are more likely to be underpaid. This issue is compounded for international students, who are often manipulated into working in excess of their visa requirements due to the fact that they are often horribly underpaid.

That’s why we’re starting Syndicate. This will be a collective to combat the issues faced by young people as they go about balancing their study and employment.

Our first event is going to be held in the Ida Bar, on the first floor of Union House from 4-7PM on the 7th of March. Come along and have a few drinks on us, and get chatting about what kinds of things you want to see changed for you and all those around you!