TAQ Launch Party! 

Come one, come all for The Amiable Quadruped makes its triumphant return! Featured will be memes to behold, clubs themed articles to beware, grossly incomplete FOUL histories to bemoan, a 2nd floor event calendar to boycott (but only if you’re from 1st floor) and much much more!

We shall be meeting to celebrate and pass ’round honest-to-goodness hard copies of TAQ in a traditional 2nd floorster style Pub Night, at every UniMelb student’s favourite pub – The Shaw Davey Slum. Plus there are free drinks in it for you! (If you’re good)

Find us upstairs at the Shaw on Friday of Week 1, from 6pm onwards!


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Find out more about FOUL here and what it takes to become a Foulie on our Facebook!