This image says "join the lets grow team" in large black font. Underneath this text is the sentence "a 2020 Tastings Project Made exclusively by disabled people". Around this are digital plants and flowers

One of our Tastings 2020 Artists is looking for a team to join the “Let’s Grow” project.
Here is a message from them with alternative ways to view this information at the end of this text.

Hiya, I’m AJ, I’m a queer and disabled writer living on stolen Boon Wurrung country. I am writing a web series and seeking a team of disabled and D/deaf or hard of hearing people to work on it with me. Here the use of disabled includes people who are mentally ill, chronically ill, living with invisible illnesses, have physical disabilities etc. If you self-identify as disabled you’re welcome in this team.

The working title is “Lets Grow” and the story is about a group of people creating a community garden, the story line is deliberately broad so the team involved can inform what direction it takes, what themes are focused on and how the project develops. I am currently looking for writers, performers and a director for this project which is part of Tastings. Because of Covid this project will be worked on collaboratively online employing a combination of google meet sessions, shared google documents and group chats.

A range of communication styles will be used from the outset, with important specific information and clear instructions always given in writing, recorded and subtitled in video and symbols and visual cues will be employed to assist autistic people in their understanding. Image descriptions and closed captions will always be employed.

How to apply :

To apply you can fill out this google form by the 22nd of August at 11:59pm or email with your name, what position you want to apply for, that can be multiple positions, and any relevant experience you want to share.

I want this project to be empowering for all those involved in it, if you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact me in whatever format you would like. I can be reached at ,on Instagram @mcfadden_alex , on twitter @_alex_mcfadden if you have concerns you want to communicate but if do not wish to speak to me Liv and Emily the UMSU creative arts office bearers can be reached at and they can pass on feedback anonymously or organise a mediated discussion.

Other ways to view this information.

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