It’s that time of year once more! Pack your bags, pack your boardgames, and come along to TGS CAMP!
A board game camp is self-explanatory, but for the uninitiated here’s what you need to know: once a year the population of TGS migrates to the Great Outdoors* to play board games for a whole weekend!

What to expect:
– A weekend full of tabletop gaming with access to over 100 games!
– An environment to socialise and make new friends
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided by safe food handlers
– Pre-order your alcoholic drinks of choice
– Leaders trained in first aid, welfare, and sober drivers
– Sleeping in cabins
– Fun activities including board games, trivia, RPGs, more board games, card games and maybe somebody’s Nintendo switch

*We will be in the Indoor Section of the campsite

Find out Facebook Event here!