Mar 8 – Life after Covid-19 and What’s Wrong with Capitalism (up to Poverty)
Mar 15 – Oppression, Climate Crisis, War and Human Nature
Mar 22 – Chaps 4-5 (why focus on the Working Class?)
Mar 29 – Chaps 6-7 (Revolution, Russia 1917 and the Party)
The Marxist Rosa Luxemburg said in 1915, “Socialism or Barbarism”. The chaos of last year and the struggles that have arisen in its midst show that the fight for another world is not just possible, but necessary.
The Case for Socialism is our new introductory pamphlet, updated for an Australian audience. Whether you’re just politically curious or ready to get organising, drop in to arm yourself with knowledge and meet the comrades of Solidarity UniMelb! Absolute beginners are especially welcome 🙂