Poverty, poor sanitation, malnutrition…these problems CANNOT be solved if multinational companies continue avoiding paying their fair share of tax.

Tax dodging by multinational corporations is driving extreme inequality. Due to Australian-based multinationals using tax havens, $2.3 billion in tax revenue was ripped out of 46 developing countries in 2014. It’s time for Australia to make tax fair.

Join us in an evening of networking and discussion with renowned economists on how we can tackle one of the biggest issues of our time.


Tickets extremely limited! Oxfam members get a 50% discount on tickets. Secure your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/the-taxing-truth-tickets-27275789621

Date and Time: Thursday 15th September, 6pm-9pm

Location: Lecture Theatre 227, Level 2, Kwong Lee Dow Building, University of Melbourne

Speakers: Professor John Langmore, Muheed Jamaldeen and Dr Mark Zirnsak