The Twelve

Presented by Melbourne University Chinese Theatre Group

Narrates a deceptively simple law case.
Twelve people with diverse personalities.
In a closed room.
Asserting their own point of views.
Determining one’s fortune. 

The story begins with an ordinary case. A young woman was maliciously entangled by her ex-husband, which then caused a quarrel between the two of them. Later her ex-husband was found dead. A group of twelve strangers have formed a jury so as to engage in the discussion of the case. Whether the young woman is innocent or guilty remains unknown.

Initially, the twelve jurors suppose the defendant is innocent, though, when they go to make the conclusion without further examination, one of the jurors raises a question and all of a sudden the case becomes a mystery.

Is it possible for a 23 years old attractive mother to murder her annoyingly dedicated ex-husband?

People tend to judge a person by the appearance.
But is this really the case?
The essence of our play – the debate, thus begins.
What secrets did this young attractive woman hide?


13-15 October 18:30pm
15 October 1:30pm


Lithuanian Club Theatre
44 Errol St, North Melbourne


 $20. Last Show: $23
 Bookings: 0452 283 790 (text only)