Gather tools and perspectives to add a new dimension to life

Bhakti Yoga Club is one of the most active clubs on campus. We have held many ‘Think Out Loud’ discussions in the past related to yoga, happiness, and spirituality.

This weeks topic: Beat the stress with success: Life beyond social and technological pressures

Have you been carrying around stress baggage lately ? Well who hasn’t ?

Together with university, work, society and technology comes along a friend, who is hardly sought but easily found. He hides in the deep recesses of one’s own mind and pops out when least expected.

What tools can one use to battle this hardened foe ? Could it be a bat, ball, bullet or a plow ?

We suggest a success of a different kind one that is long lasting and deeply satisfying. Come check out our remedy for this enemy, apply it soon and feel elated.

The talk is followed by a vegan meal comprising mains, salad, dessert and drink.

Entry Fee: $10 for already enrolled student club members; $15 for others

Time: 6 pm

@ Mantra Lounge, 167 Grattan Street, Opp Graduate Centre