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Bhakti Yoga Club is one of the most active clubs on campus. We have held many ‘Think Out Loud’ discussions in the past related to yoga, happiness, and spirituality.

This week’s topic- Journey of a perpetual traveller: Reincarnation demystified

A Canadian born psychiatrist Ian Stevenson founded a department in the Virgina University school of medicine to investigate what we call paranormal activity. He travelled extensively and documented many cases where children at a young age had memories of what must have been a previous life. Although this sounds astounding to most people in the western world such notions are commonplace in the east where reincarnation is accepted as a fact of life. In fact many spiritual traditions in the world today accept this completely. This talk will marry science with spirituality and conclusively demystify the underpinnings behind reincarnation.

The enlightening talk will be followed by a sumptuous vegan meal comprising main course, salad, dessert and drinks.

Entry Fee: $10 for already enrolled student club members, $15 for others

Time: 6 pm

@ Mantra Lounge, 167 Grattan Street, Opp Graduate Centre