Gather tools and perspectives to add a new dimension to life

Bhakti Yoga Club is one of the most active clubs on campus. We have held many ‘Think Out Loud’ discussions in the past related to yoga, happiness, and spirituality.

This week’s talk will be presented by Mark Donnedu, the president of Vegetarian Victoria. Being a vegetarian is a great decision. As the president of such a wonderful society, Mark makes people aware of the benefits of being a vegetarian. The benefits include improved health, brilliant nutrition, promoting good values, helping mother earth and all living entities and much more. Come along to learn more about the science of food, how to reverse diseases with spiritual food.

Entry Fee: $10 for student club members – includes a vegan dinner, dessert and drinks.

$15 for others

Time: 6 pm

@Mantra Lounge, 167 Grattan Street, Opp Graduate Centre