Gather tools and perspectives to add a new dimension to life

Bhakti Yoga Club is one of the most active clubs on campus. We have held many ‘Think Out Loud’ discussions in the past related to yoga, happiness, and spirituality.

This week’s topic: Understanding karma: It’s causes and effects

Karma, a ubiquitous term that we’ve all heard of and use in day to day life. But what does it mean ?

According to the deep knowledge of the yoga texts, due to one’s karma one is forced to undergo several types of distress born out of one’s own body and mind. With the sword of knowledge about karma one can cut off the knots which bind us to repeated suffering and distress. Are you ready to challenge your perspective on life ? This talk will definitely test your foundations and scientifically present the importance of karma.

The enlivening talk will be followed by soothing mantra meditation accompanied by musical instruments and finally end with a wonderful vegan meal comprising mains, salad, yummy dessert and delectable drink.

Entry Fee: $10 for already enrolled student club members; $15 for others

Time: 6 pm

@ Mantra Lounge, 167 Grattan Street, Opp Graduate Centre