Who likes Trivia Nights?
I do!
10 points to me, yay.

That’s what you can expect on the evening of the 18th of August – a whole lot of points, excitement and profound questions brought to you by the MU Environmental Engineers’ Society and MU Civil & Structural Society.

Join us at the Corkman Irish Bar at 5:30 PM where our lovely committee reps, Lachie and Lauren, will get the ball rolling as the hosts of the night! Expect a ton of engineering questions (is drinking two beers at once more socially sustainable than drinking one first then the other?), general knowledge questions (why is a country covered in ice called Greenland? Seriously) and life questions (what is love? Hint: Haddaway).

We will also be shouting the first few jugs of beer for our lovely members so FIRST COME GETS FIRST SERVED!

So, join us on the night and let’s make it a night to remember!
P.S. Tbh, we just want an excuse to party.