Same BBQ, different entertainment?

Not to fear, you’ll still have your free food and drinks, but how about a change to the entertainment? Comedians have long fostered their love for the funnies in the halls of the University of Melbourne – Barry Humphries, Tom Gleisner, Libbi Gorr, Steve Vizard, Magda Szubanski and Ronny Chieng, to name but a few.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival returns with a lunchtime laugh-in of some of the Festival’s most anarchic and open-minded local and international comedians, perhaps to be inspired by, mainly to be laughed at. In addition to these (free) funnies, there will be students chancing it at each show, punching out an open mic set for all to enjoy live from the North Court.

MICF MC Nath Valvo
UMSU Student Jacob Sacher
UMSU Student Verity Johnson
UMSU Student Luke Picone
MICF Anne Edmonds
MICF Ivan Aristeguieta
MICF Jason Leong