What you’ve all been waiting for, how to get tickets to experience our Night of Lights ✨
– $120 members* 🤑🤑
– $135 non-members* (with membership included)
*If paying via Qpay, will have an additional processing fee (charged by Qpay). Payments by bank transfer are as specified.
12 people HOWEVER if you have a group less than 12, we may pair individuals and/or smaller groups to make up full tables.
WHEN: Tuesday 20th of July from 1pm – 2:30pm (there will be online ticket sales at a later time if not all tickets are exhausted)
HOW: Each table/group will need only ONE representative to join the zoom call for form processing, and bank transfer confirmation. Tickets will be released first via Zoom, then later on Qpay if there are any left.
If the representative and/or guests are NON-MEMBERS, they will need to provide the following details:
– Email
– Phone Number
– Over 18?
– Student Number (if a UniMelb student)
– International/Domestic Student (if a UniMelb student)
– Graduate student? (if a UniMelb student)
– Course? (if a UniMelb student)
The following details are needed for ALL guests in the group /table:
– Full Name
– Dietary Requirements
Proof of membership must be provided for ticket purchases. Membership cards can be provided, or a screenshot of the QPAY app membership details (Purchases > UMLL Society Membership) or confirmation text/email.
When you have finished the form, you will have to pay for your table upfront in full. (FYI there is a surcharge if you want to pay via Qpay)
If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message. We can’t wait to see you there 🤩