The Abbott and Turnbull Government have been hell bent on a particular higher education reform that would destroy the accessibility, affordability and quality of tertiary education in Australia, a package called Fee-Deregulation.

The bullet points are:

  • 20% funding cuts,
  • raising the cap on degree pricing,
  • lowering the HECS/HELP payback threshold significantly
  • forcing your next of kin to pay your HECS/HELP debt, even if you died before you finished or got a well paying job
  • cuts to Higher Education Participation locking out students from disadvantaged backgrounds

All these approaches are hitting the most disadvantaged among us the hardest and it is not fair.

UMSU will be holding an event on the 11th of May, breaking down the budget piece by piece. All departments will be involved on the day, explaining how this budget will affect students from all walks of life at our University.

Come along, grab a free sausage sizzle and learn more about the Policies that will affect you.

At 1.30 we will be heading down the to State Library for the student rally which starts at 2pm.

CLICK HERE to join the Facebook event!