UMSU Education Collective

This is a fortnightly space for you to get a free lunch and discuss…well, your education! What sucks, what works, what you hate, what you love.

Every fortnight your Ed officers come with a topic or two to spark discussion, but it’s your space to munch food and bring your thoughts on things like:

  • Higher ed and tertiary education in Australia – how it happens, what our government’s doing, and how to make education free again;
  • How the University operates, and how your Education department can fights for it;
  • What changes are happening in our uni about our courses, subjects, assessment, and teaching – how it affects us, and how we fight the shit bits; and
  • How to be an effective activist in fighting for free education.

We’re students, that’s what we’re here for – so grab some lunch, meet cool like-minded people, and get involved 🙂