Get Certified!

With the holiday casual/part-time employment season creeping up, UMSU International is here to help you get prepared with the most in-demand certifications (at insanely low prices) to help you land the job you want!


The first of our series of events under the ‘Get Certified!’ banner is the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate, which we offer at a 60% discount to regular prices (now only $25)!! Required for all jobs that deal with alcohol (including University events), the certification will offer you much higher employment chances at places like licensed restaurants, bars, bottle shops AND the University.


Run by one of Melbourne’s leading RSA training organisations, this 4-hour course provides you with the necessary skills to get an edge in the recovering job market (Restaurants are opening in 2-3 weeks!!). Get Certified! Now, and increase your chances of finding employment this holiday season!!


Sign up now at while spots last! (MAX 50)