Vegan food competition

✨Do you share a passion for cooking and the environment? ✨

Then look no further! Put your cooking hats on because UMSU International and UMSU Environment presents to you our Vegan Food Contest! 😍

The rules are simple – film yourself making the recipe, tell us about your cultural history with the vegan dish and send it to us on our form linked in the bio 👀 This video will then be posted on our @umsu_veganrecipes where we it will be judged by our amazing panel of judges and voted on by our students!

The timeline for the video submission is 25th October 2021 to 19th November 2021 and each week we will have five winners who will win $50 worth of vouchers based on our five categories and then another five winners at the end of all the four weeks! 🎉🎉

Our categories would be Cultural Significance, Accessibility, Presentation, Students Choice and Innovation. 💖

Interested? Then what are you waiting for? Get your submissions in! 🏃‍♀️

Send them in HERE! 👀

[Image Description: Three people stand on top of globe outlined with multi-coloured buildings on a light blue background. The buildings are famous landmarks around the world. Within the globe with bold white letters “Vegan Food Contest” is written with the dates as “25 Oct – 19 Nov” outlined below. The light blue background has green, yellow, and purple balloons respectively and clouds as well. The UMSU Environment and UMSU International logo is in the top left-hand corner and the UMSU environmental link is mentioned on the bottom-right & the white SSAF logo in the top-right.