This is the third of a series of four sessions about the fundamentals of Vex Robotics and its competitive applications.


In Session 3, we will be looking at the engineering notebook, and what you need to include in your book to make it an Award Winning notebook. This session will look over various championship notebooks, what makes them successful, and how you can integrate these strategies in your own book, to increase your success in the competition.

Our third session will be run by the 2018-2019 Australian National Champion & Excellence Award winner and recipient of the 2017 National Design award.
Additional special guests may be announced at a later date.


This event is open to all University and High school students interested in competitive robotics and will be followed by a games night for club members in the Melbourne University Vex Robotics Club Discord.

Each session is expected to run for 60 minutes, with the games night running for an additional hour.

You can sign up for membership here:

Meeting Link:
Password: 96498A