With 2020 coming towards its end, we at VSA – The University of Melbourne would like to thank everyone for their continued support towards our club and reflect on the amazing effort of our current team 💖. 2020 was a year where we have had to learn to adapt, grow and achieve new goals🌱.
Despite it being a difficult year where many of us could not experience what VSA UoM usually has to offer, our current committee and executive team have continued to endeavour and strive for the best given what we have, and all of what we have been able to accomplish was only possible due to the continued support by everyone🥰.
In saying all this, it is now time to thank and congratulate the 2020 team, whilst also introducing the incoming 2021 team who will continue the amazing work in leading the club to achieve new heights 💙.
We officially invite all our members to come and attend the VSA the University of Melbourne’s Annual General Meeting, where we will all look back on the progress and growth we made throughout the year.
At the same time, we will also be holding our elections to vote for the new 2021 executive team. The following 5 positions that are open for election in the Annual General meeting are in the order of:
1. President
2. Internal Vice President
3. External Vice President
4. Secretary
5. Treasurer
To learn more about the election procedures and AGM, please visit our Facebook event which have all the relevant links: https://www.facebook.com/events/775488413016346