Hey everyone!

Come along to the old Clyde for a bev and some fun – we’re super keen to chat to all of you about the wonderful Great Forest National Park, get you all involved, and most importantly – play some wildlife-related pub trivia! (Prize for the winner included ofc).

We’ll have some little GFNP info packs for everyone (cute stickers are involved), and we also have free drink coupons for 30 lucky members! (ie. those that rock up first).

Bring a friend, come alone, we’re just excited to see you all!
Bring on semester 2.

Xx The Wildlife Conservation Society Team

Ps. even though we’re at a pub there is absolutely NO pressure to drink for our members who’d prefer not to!

“The maintenance of an intact ecological system is the only way to ensure the continued existence of biodiversity, safeguard water supplies and provide spiritual nourishment for ourselves and future generations. It is for these reasons, and for the survival of the critically endangered Leadbeater’s Possum, that I support the creation of the Great Forest National Park for Victoria.” – Sir David Attenborough