Hello Cheese lovers!

Our Annual General Meeting will be held next week (week 11) on Tuesday the 20th of October at 2PM on Zoom (link below)! This is when the club meets to elect a new executive, and ratify our constitution.

Any member of the club can run for an open committee position, but even if you aren’t interested in running, please come along as we need people to vote!


It’s your chance to try out running a club, get some valuable experience, and eat plenty of cheese.

The positions up for grabs are:



Treasurer, and


If you’d like to run for any of the positions, just join the AGM meeting and nominate yourself with a brief speech about why you want the role, and you could be voted in 🙂If you had any questions or would like to discuss the roles more, or anything else, feel free to send us an email!In Summary:

Club Name: University of Melbourne Cheese club

Type of Meeting: Annual General Meeting

Date of Meeting: Tuesday 20th October 2020

Start time: 2 pm

Zoom linkhttps://unimelb.zoom.us/j/82343235769?pwd=UlBnQjZpaDk1cDM0SlJwRHdYV1k1UT09

Password: 648059